Loving Our Own Tree

As I sat staring at my tree this year, in all its 17-year bliss, I realized, this tree - my tree - was way prettier, way cooler—than any of those gorgeous Pinterest trees on Instagram. Why? Because it was mine. Because it reminded me of all that is good: My husband, my kids, my home, my extended family—they're my memories.

I’m all a Ruffle sweater paired with Get Your Moto on Jeggings

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Failures, All To Real

I always hear that our weaknesses can become our strengths. It makes me wonder, how many times do we have to fail; or in my case, fail to attempt before we actually put our thoughts and desires into action. Because, I'm getting really tired of failing. It comes in so many forms and it somehow always manages to overshadow any successes we may have had, making them seem insignificant and meager.

Mom Issues, Tuesday’s Edition: 

As my alarm went off, I sat there pondering my next move. The lazy - scratch that - the beyond exhausted because I can't sleep, normally wake up at 4:30 a.m. to get my exercise in, run the kids all over kingdom come because they're dad has been in Utah all summer, cleaning house, folding laundry, dinner, taxi driver (that's more like it) mom in me decided to lay there in bed, straining to hear any semblance of life down the stairs. Negative.

Building Your Dream Team: Ensuring a Successful Building Process

How to maximize your efforts throughout the building process Building your dream home is an exciting process, one that should be steady, thought-out, and contemplated. Questions like, “Should I hire an architect or a drafter?” or, “What contractor should I use?” are valuable and should be considered only after you’ve done all your homework. After all, … Continue reading Building Your Dream Team: Ensuring a Successful Building Process

Post-Election Hysteria

It is kind of annoying how many people said they are leaving this country if the outcome is less than satisfactory "in their opinion" - in regards to this election. Why is it that so many threaten to run and hide when things get tough? What does that say about their work ethic? Or their … Continue reading Post-Election Hysteria

The Other-Daughter

Upon returning from drop off of child number one, I sit in my car a few moments; which may have actually been minutes, okay 10 minutes. Don't judge. As I'm basking in the quite refuge of my driver’s seat, the front door is flung open and I look up to see the lasers darting out of a girl’s eyes, a girl who somewhat resembles my daughter, except that she has now been taken over by the evil step-daughter, or what I like to call, the other daughter (The other mother ... get it?) Her razor-sharp gaze pierces my soul, or what used to be a soul, and the hair which now appears to look like snakes coming out of the top of her head instill in me that this moment is critical. Critical for whom? Well, obviously not me. But critical nonetheless.